QI Certificate Program

Quality Installation Certification

Introducing ACCA’s new Quality Installation certificate program, powered by measureQuick®

  • Verified HVAC equipment & system performance 
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Data-driven, third-party verification
  • Documented proof of performance for your customers
  • Monitor measured results to improve operations and profitability

Install It. Test It. Prove It!

ACCA is proud to offer new Quality Installation (QI) certificates, powered by measureQuick®: Verified Equipment Operation and Verified System Performance.

There are only a few HVAC professionals who are able to install systems that earn an ACCA QI certificate. Most heating and cooling companies do not invest in the tools or training to deliver systems that perform as the manufacturer intended. ACCA’s QI certificates are badges of distinction showing a contractor has delivered on their promise of exceptional HVAC installation, commissioning, and system performance.

Customers are growing more discerning. They want to make every penny count, from the costs of the initial install to monthly energy costs over the next 15 to 30 years of system operation. With ACCA’s QI Certificate, they’ll have third-party verification of quality work.

How QI Certification Works

  1. Contractor installs and commissions a new HVAC system.
  2. The installation tech uses digital probes, paired with the measureQuick app, to analyze equipment and system performance data. measureQuick produces a Vitals Score for the system.
  3. If the Vitals Score meets VEO and/or VSP requirements, the option to purchase a QI certificate will be displayed and the certificate can be purchased directly through the measureQuick app. If not, the technician follows measureQuick’s easy-to-follow diagnostic process to improve equipment and system performance until it does.

Verified Equipment Operation (VEO) & Verified System Performance (VSP)

Verified Equipment Operation (VEO) certification is earned when a new HVAC installation meets high standards in areas including:

  • Airflow
  • Refrigerant charge (for air conditioners and heat pumps)
  • On-rate combustion (for furnaces and boilers)
  • Electrical

To earn Verified System Performance (VSP) certification, the entire HVAC system is considered, including everything required for VEO certification plus:

  • Ventilation
  • Manual J® load calculation
  • Manual S® equipment selection
  • AHRI matched system
  • Tight ductwork
  • Balanced ductwork

A VSP certified system that uses qualifying ENERGY STAR equipment will also be certified with an ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) certificate.

What is measureQuick?

measureQuick is an HVAC app that collects and analyzes heating and cooling system performance using data from a technician’s Bluetooth® tools. The app compares hundreds of data points to identify faults that are hidden or were overlooked. It then creates a Vitals Score along with an easy-to-read customer-friendly report that summarizes existing conditions. With measureQuick, your company can meet higher installation and performance standards, benchmark systems for future service, and increase revenue.

measureQuick is essential to meet the requirements for the ACCA QI Verified Equipment Operation and Verified System Performance certificates.

What Does ACCA Quality Installation Certification Cost?

All HVAC professionals are eligible to earn Verified Equipment Operation and Verified System Performance Certificates.

ACCA Quality Assured (QA) contractor accreditation and ACCA members will enjoy substantial savings on certificate fees. BONUS - QA accredited contractors will receive 20 certificates (gratis) each year of their accreditation. That’s the entire accreditation fee… in certificates… each year!

Only for Early Adopters: Join now and receive complimentary certificates for any qualifying equipment or system installed in 2024!*
*All you'll pay is the measureQuick fee ($5 QBits per system/year)

After 2023, standard pricing per system (which includes measureQuick fees) will be:

ACCA Member & QA Contractor 20 Gratis / year
$30 each
QA Contractor (non-member) 20 Gratis / year
$40 each
ACCA Member $40 each
All Other HVAC Professionals $50 each

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The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) represents nearly 60,000 HVAC professionals and their technicians. ACCA’s Quality Assured (QA) accreditation continues to work toward new ways to recognize quality contractors and quality installations.

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